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Our mission is to help children and their families embed positive behavior support strategies across home, school and community settings.  We strive to improve the quality of life for your child and all individuals involved within your child's social network.

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Reena B. Patel, MA, BCBA
Licensed Educational Psychologist 
Board Certified Behavioral Analyst

Reena received her Masters in School Psychology and Masters in School Counseling in 2000.  She has served as a Director of a non-public school and a preschool.   Reena has designed and implemented Autism classrooms and programs at the preschool, elementary and secondary level.  
As a Licensed Educational Psychologist and Board Certified Behavioral Analyst, Reena has worked with various disabilities focusing on assessing, identifying and creating the most effective treatment plans for children and adolescents. 
As an Author with Kind Eye Publishing, Reena has written books addressing common childhood challenges while teaching compassion and kindness. 
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AutiZm & More
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