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Welcome to AutiZm & More 

Our mission is to help children and their families embed positive behavior support strategies across home, school and community settings.  We strive to improve the quality of life for your child and all individuals involved within your child's social network.

What types of insurance do you accept? 

Currently, we do not participate in any insurance programs.

What is the hourly rate? 

Please contact our bookkeeper, Robert, for more information regarding fees (858-312-5621). 

What are your office hours? 

We are available to see clients in our office, your home, school or community setting.  Appointments are scheduled to maximize intervention effectiveness and will vary depending on the situation. 

My child is having difficulty functioning in school and/or the community.  What services can you offer to address the behaviors in these settings?

The psychologists at AutiZm & More understand that an effective treatment plan may involve a range of services and settings.  When deemed appropriate, we will work with the student where the behavior occurs.  We are available to work with clients one-on-one in our office, in small group, and in school/home/community settings.  Furthermore, we understand the importance of consulting with the ​important people in our client's lives and will incorporate them into the treatment plans.

What can I expect from our first appointment? 

Once we have discussed your concerns, we will develop a preliminary treatment plan and a schedule of services.  The first session focuses on gathering information; consequently, when possible it is recommended that primary caregivers attend the session.​ Based on the concerns, your child may not need to attend.

Do you work with children who are not on the Autism Spectrum?

Yes.  We also work with children (and their families) with developmental delays and emotional difficulties.

If your question wasn't answered, please contact us to submit your inquiry online. 
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